Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend after Labor Day was quite the celebration for Family!
It was a good thing that Owen got good at saying "cheese!" because...We were smiling lots about Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary! Whew! I can only guess that love gets better with age...right?? :-) These two look happier and healthier than most who've been married so long. Love must be good for you!
We had so much fun laughing, talking, walking, playing, and...eating!
I think owen put on a pound or two...of just watermelon alone! :-)
We tailgated and went to Owen's first baseball game! Miller Park is the best place to go to your first game: we had great seats, there was a slide for Owen to play on, and clowns making balloon shapes for kiddos.
Proud daddy was just glad to take him...even if it wasn't to a Twins game. :-)
Everyone had a great time...Con even shared his big ,blue cheering hand for Owen to wave about. When is the next party? Owen wants to know because he now knows that when we go to a party...there's going to be CAKE! :-)

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