Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Last Saturday night was a late one for the Reger's! We put Owen to bed, had our friend Jeff come over and do homework on our couch while we went out to celebrate Kate's 30th birthday with a whole mess of Hall's (Aaron's siblings) and many of Kate's beautiful friends. How can one person have so many beautiful friends?! Whew! Axel's on Grand Avenue in St. Paul sure is a rockin' place!
We had some appetizers and cocktails, we enjoyed company and music, and were greateful for a night out on the town!
The dualing pianos were incredible! Kate had fun requesting some of her favorites...yes, that is a balloon tied to her waist and a foil sash around her neck. I think she's beautiful!

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South American Sara said...

I adore Axel's on Grand! The place used to be Ciatti's and I loved it when it was that too. But the dueling pianos is a great source of entertainment and laughter any given night.