Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Captain Stubing" and "Little Red Riding Hood" went to a party last weekend! It actually was a wedding reception for friends of ours so I thought I would share this momento with y'all. Yes, we still have the outfits, so if anyone was to borrow the red cape or little white shorts for any occasion, just let me know! :-)
Owen got to dress up too! Rog worked with the youth while I lay on the in-laws couch...Owen handed out candy one or two times before falling asleep himself. He didn't mind the costume...
And he liked the crinkle of the candy!
The colors are more enticing than the taste because he still craves crackers more than cake!
so'll get candy...someday! :-)

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South American Sara said...

Whoa, can I book a slot on the LOVE BOAT with that captain?