Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, Owen is in a basket. I left Roger and Owen playing and this is what I saw upon my return. I laughed cuz Owen was so happy and the two of them were just talking away...well, talking as best the two of them can. :-) The other day I heard this all out belly laughing coming from the top of the stairs. Owen was screeching and laughing harder than I have ever heard. Roger found a new game that they can play: Roger rolls the ball to Owen and when Owen has it, Roger says "PASS!" (in a silly way that I can't spell or describe) and Owen laughs so hard until the ball falls out of his hands. I did capture that on of these days I need to figure out if there is a way to put video on here...anyone know how? Let me know! :-)


Seeker said...

Try these for video posting:

South American Sara said...

You can also create a Youtube account, upload to youtube and then automatically place on blogs. That's what I've done, it's relatively painless.