Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Tuesday I lost count of how many times Owen headed for and climbed the stairs. I think by the time Roger came home from work it was 14 times...then Roger took over patrol and Owen made it up several more times! That night I came down with a fever and went to bed not feeling well. Wednesday morning I woke up sore and cold. I started shivering and the shivers turned into convulsive shakes. I was scared because I could not get warm. Around 6, after 45 minutes of trying to warm up, I woke Roger up and told him something was wrong. This was the first time I coudn't even get out of bed to take my temperature. Roger had to get the thermometer. My temp was almost 103 and my body hurt. Roger had the day off, and he spent it taking care of me and entertaining Owen. Needless to say, the 4th of July was not one to remember for me this year!
It was a day to remember for my friend sara, though. I missed her wedding because of my illness! Around 3 o'clock, I lay there thinking of her on her day. My temperature was finally subsiding , but it was too late. My fever is gone today, but my body and head are a bit sore.

I'm glad I can take care of Owen today and I pray he doesn't ever feel the way I felt yesterday. Owen has taken steps on his own for almost a month now, but this morning was the first time he stood up and walked to a destination! He's officially walking, but he still prefers crawling...I think. He's napping now. :-) I'll see when he wakes up!

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South American Sara said...

We missed your family at our celebration, but we are happy to hear you have recovered. What a paralyzing thing to not be able to care for your child. Hope to see you before heading back to Rio.