Thursday, July 05, 2007

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of having our 4th of July party early, celebrating at Roger's boss's house in Prior Lake. Very nice home with a beautiful pool and backyard patio. We ate, played, splashed, conversed, and Owen napped, of course! :-) Roger got to play a par 3 course with the guys from the office while we ladies warmed up the pool and set out the food. You'd think they'd do a par 3 a little quicker than than managed that day! I guess they were busy having competions out on the course, like farthest drive, closest to the pin, etc...They are salesmen-competition, competition. Tell Roger there is a prize and he'll win...almost every time. :-)

Owen and I had a good time. He has been so giggly lately! This day he thought it much fun to pass a stick back and forth because I took it away. Then he put out his hand; I gave it to him. Then he handed it back to me; and he giggled! His laugh is more like a chuckle. And then, when he really gets going, he throws his head back and opens his mouth. He may be so much like Roger, but I guess he got the Larsen laugh! :-) We were all so tuckered out, Owen was in bed by 7:30 and I was asleep by 8. Ahhh...10 hours!

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