Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yestereday when I picked Owen up at Carrie's, I found him "reading a magazine." So this morning I set one on his blankie and he went right for it and stayed occupied for quite some time. Of course we could not deny how cute it was that Owen likes to grab for magazines. He rolls around with the magazine like he is reading it. This one is especially amusing: STAR magazine. Yep, he's already learning to keep up with all the Hollywood gossip and styles! :-) Yeah, we thought it cute...and then, he destroys it. Still cute...we don't mind. It's a weekly publication anyway!


MaryM said...

Love that grin!

Seeker said...

He's a meanshreddingmachine.
Cute, too.

Emmy said...

Oh I wanna squeeze 'im! xoxoxo