Saturday, January 27, 2007

Owen and two blue-eyes enjoy one another's company. The weeks are flying by, but we take time to enjoy the weekends. Roger prays that we have "quality time" together. So...We are having a wonderful time this weekend, and, believe it or not, Roger's taken up a bit of cooking. Tonight we had Fajitas & Owen had cereal.
Speaking of Owen, he sure keeps us busy, but we keep him equally busy! He's keen on yelling to get what he wants or simply to amuse anyone who'll listen. He's moved on to destroying grocery adds in addition to the magazines, but he found a moment to help mom with the laundry today. He's reachin', scootin', pullin', and rollin' all over the place. I'm sorry, but I truly do believe that I have the best lookin' kid ever! :-) The only time he's not smilin' is when you ignore him...uh...he calls again.

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