Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Happy Birthday, MOM!" Owen and I were up at 6:30 to start celebrating! Actually, the festivities began last Saturday and I've been having a wonderful "Birthday Week!" Today is great, though, because Roger and I are getting picked up at 4:15 in a limo to enjoy a wonderful italian dinner down in Edina...compliments of Roger's boss! :-) Originally it was not to celebrate my birthday, but it fell on my birthday so I am going to consider it my birthday dinner! :-) I am very excited and I'm sure Owen will have fun with both grandma's babysitting! This morning we spent some time at Grandma Mimi's and I opened some presents. I'm sure Mom and Dad came up to celebrate my birthday, but I can't help thinking I was not the only motivation...

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Seeker said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!

(Maybe they went to see Owen, and it just happened to fall on your birthday.....?)

Love you, kiddo.