Tuesday, August 19, 2014

From the Magic Bridge to new adventures!

One of our favorite adventures in MN was to get on our bikes and 
head to Nanny's.

Liam loves the bike ride!
We always would find something to do and 
were never bored or HUNGRYat Nanny's!
The kids would then beg and plead with her
to go to the magic bridge...

Liam just wanted to run around...
But he kept trying to head into the pond...
Crazy kid!

And now that we are in Florida, we don't head to Nanny's.  :-(

But,we try to make every outing an "Adventure"
because that's what it is...when you don't know where you are going--
it's an ADVENTURE!

All in all, the kids are adjusting as well as I could have hoped...
A few of those adventures so far:
Our longest bike ride yet!
Liam and my helmet is still in storage!  yikes!
boat ride around Lori's pond...in her backyard!
out to eat...way too much but so fun!
We even started a list of "kids eat free" for our nights out!

catching bugs and critters!
Even in the rain it is fun!  WARM rain!
and the sun always comes out sooner or later!
Way too many ice cream treats...
meeting "Elsa" and "Olaf"...I won't say what Lori said about Elsa...
Face painting!
Swimming! with buckets on our heads?
Children's Museum!!  We became members and have gone twice already!
Structure at Museum showing how rain water trickles down leaves!
Liam seeing how "BIG" he is!
Gabby and Owen playing "Dr."
"I like warm hugs!"
Chik fil a has a play structure!
Finding toads in the "almost done" pool!

Rescues all 7 of them!
Got gas...and donuts!
Had a picnic near school and "almost home"
teaching Guinn all about banging pots and pans!
There's an awesome playground at the Children's museum!
This is a merry go-round!
Gabby got so brave on the climbing wall!
And there are a few times my camera wouldn't work!
We are keeping busy trying to get to know our new "home."
Strange...it does feel like home.
The next post will make it official!...
The greatest adventure yet!


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