Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Before we left...

I tried to do some our our "lasts..."

At least for now...or as my kids have known it...

It's sad moving but oh so exciting living a new adventure!

My kids are adjusting quite well...as far as I can tell.

But life when you are 2, 5, and 8...is a bit more abstract.

And Owen, as intense as he is, can really go with the flow and

enter a new house, new school, new church, new friends...

quite easily!

I'm sure I will hear the "I miss..." phrases when the excitement wears off.

We climbed trees across the street from our house!

and ran down "BIG" hills

went to parades!

hung with daddy before he left for FL!

learned why parades are fun: TREATS!

went to see Gramma Mae

played in the rain...cold rain  :-)

played at the new splash pad!

went to see Gramma Mimi

and went to see our dear friends...

Jeremiah and Matthew (top two smiles next to Owen)

were 4 and 6 in our wedding...

They are now a freshman and junior in HS!

My how they've grown but are as cute as ever!!!

Jeremiah and Matthew 10 years ago!
We did other things too...

played with Lukas and Landon,

went to the Maple Maze and the biggest park ever!,

did VBS at our church,

stayed overnight and had friends over almost everyday,

had lunch and/or drinks with dear friends,

went to the dam--

and shared a few more precious moments with the people we love

and seeing the places we cherish...

Our hearts are still so full of the love that's been shown to us!

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