Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disney day!

The day was vey sunny...and HOT! So...we were sure to do the things we came to do:


A new hat!

The castle!

A parade!

Seeing characters!

Dumbo...but, what kind of mother am I? Owen didn't even know who dumbo was! :-) the ride was great because the wait included a sitting area and playground (inside! With air!) until it was your turn! Loved it. And then...the barnstormer: the biggest roller coaster Owens been on!

YouTube Video

We rode a train!

Had ice cream!

And tried to cool off...

We were then ready to get back to the pool at the hotel, play in the arcade, play on the playground, and bury Owen--boys! :-)

Liam and lori were ready for bed by 7:30...

Owen and I stayed up a bit together, reading and talking to gramma...
A great day...not too much, not too do people do Disney for a whole week???? :-)

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