Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Baseball season!

 If you know Roger, You'll know who Owen is here...
 Their signature standing pose:
one foot out with hand on hip.
I smile.
I love baseball.  I even surprised my own sister when I said this the other day.
It is such a pure game.  Historical.
America's pasttime.
There's strategy, athleticism, competition, skill...
You just have to know what's going on or it won't hold your interest.
So far, I don't mind having a child in baseball.
We have two games a week.
No tournaments except for the end of the season one.
The weather has held up...
well, except that ONE day.
Freak of nature!
 But my boy held up.
He even donned the catcher's gear...

 He was the first one to try it cuz his dad's the coach!


 He follows hard.
And...he's held it together when he struck out...once!  

We'll see if he sticks with it...
If he wants to pursue it,
I'm game!

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