Monday, May 21, 2012


 The little one basks in the sunlight...
 But we actually got a little work done!

Earlier I put a post up about the ugly grapevine that was destroying our yard,
taking up space, and was an awful mess!
The only good thing about it was the privacy...
I'll find another way to get privacy, thank you!

 Roger thought it strange that I asked for mulch for Mother's Day.
I don't know if he knew the work it would take other than 
calling the guy to dump a truck-load on our driveway!
I couldn't be happier!
I would have done before pictures, but I did not know that I would get so far...
And, it was a two or more week process! the little girl sits in the sun...
Owen learns to work for a "living."

The harder he works, the more money he can earn...
Is that an okay lesson to teach him now?
I wonder because I know some people who work very hard 
and don't make too much!  :-)

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