Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My kids made me laugh twice today...ok, 
maybe more than that, but this was one of those genuine, 
that-was-so-funny-I-don't-want-to-forget-it type moment:
 Gabby stuck out her tummy, rubbed it, and tried telling me that she had a "fat belly," 
and I was trying to affirm that she is beautiful.  
I told her she is perfect and sturdy.  
In response to that she said, "I'm not dirty!"  
I laughed.  :-)  
I tried to clarify that she was strong...
 Later that morning...
Owen & Gabby were in the front entryway putting on boots and jackets, getting ready to go out.  
I see Gabby lifting 2 pound weights over her had, and Owen doing down-dog, up-dog sequences.  
I then overhear Owen say, "I'm doing yoga so I don't get crabby."  
I laughed.  :-)
I guess that is how I have explained it to him when he asks why I need to go do yoga.  :-)

 And they made me just plain smile when they were playing on the playground 
(yes, in December!) and chasing, climbing, sliding, and giggling together. 
 Every once in awhile (sometimes once a day...) 
Owen will tell me he doesn't like "Sister," 
but that's when she is not cooperating or is being a stinker/teaser to her brother.
But I know for a fact he loves her so much.  
He cares so much about protecting her and teaching her. 

 I am so proud and glad I got to witness this love and protection.


The Canadian said...

Aww! They are such happy little guys!! Must be their happy mama rubbing off on them! :)

MaryM said...

I guess I better do some more Yoga!