Friday, December 30, 2011 dear Princess

 I didn't blog about Christmas yet,
and I haven't wished my little princess Happy 3rd Birthday (via blog) yet.
Yes, she had a party.
yes, she got sung to on the date.
But a tribute here?
Here we go:
First, let me say,
She is still reluctant to do #2 on the pot,
She is my "alarm clock,"
She is probably up to something right now because it's too quiet where she is,
She draws on my walls,
and throws her peas on the floor.
 She is also my postitive energy fill-up station.
She wiggles, giggles, and instigates.
She's a dancer, hopper, twirler, lover.

 She has a look of innocence, but she usually wants to get away with something...
and finds a way to as well!
She can hold a straight face.
She can fake sleep and fake cry better than anyone I know.
 She croaks out, "hello" in a greeting,
but my favorite is how
she wraps her arms around me and says,
"I love you!"

 She is irresistible, charming, and silly.
She's a button-pusher:  on phones, computers, and remotes
but also on people--she knows just how to get you goin.'
Wonder where she learned that ????
 She loves to be naked, to climb, to paint her nails...
She doesn't say "pick me up" or just "up."
She says, "I want to hold you!"

 She makes Gramma's melt and Grampa's giggle.
 She gets Daddy to swing her upside-down
and momma to "rock-a-baby in the tree house."
 She loves babies, boys, and being stubborn.
 She loves anything "princess" but won't wear dresses these days.
Some days she likes pink, and some days she doesn't.
 She wanted a "princess" dress for her party and wore one the night before.
But the day of the party she no longer wanted it...because it was pink.
 She is my "baby-doll"
 She loves her cousins, brother, aunts, uncles, and gramma's and grampa's...
she talks about them all the time.
 She loves cake and sweets but asks for nuts for dessert.
She doesn't like long with that last????
 She feeds, kisses, cuddles, and "un"dresses her dolls. 
 She loves Taz...and other dogs, once she gets used to them.
She'll even get dressed up to play hockey with her brother.
I call her "Fuzzy-head," "Baby-doll," "Pretty Girl," and "Gabriella Grace."
The last one reserved for when she colors on the wall or insists upon stripping all the crayons making a mess with tiny bits of paper all over the floor.
She's Three...

1 comment:

Gramma Mama said...

She sure is a little "button pusher"! (We had to call DISH again when you left in order to get the TV working again! haha)
I so love when she says, "I want to hold you!"
Right now I want to hold her!
Miss you guys.