Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If you are squeamish...don't look!

Know that you have been warned!
Summertime couldn't be here fast enough for Owen.
As I recall, he had his suit on and was in the "pool" last April too!
I was so proud to have my yard raked and be able to see my perennials poking up in the landscaping.

Owen was out playing, digging up worms, getting dirty...head to toe!
We were just finishing up to go inside to get cleaned up...
then I thought of one more thing to do...
I headed to the end of the driveway to clean up around the mailbox...
Owen "found" a broken glass bottle that had been kicked up into our yard...
probably by a plow this winter.
I knew immediately he would need stitches...
blood and a big flap of skin!

He was such a trooper until they tried to stick him with a needle
to numb the area to prep for stitches.
"DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT!" Literally kicking and screaming.
So, Urgent Care was useless.
We were sent to the ER.
While waiting, poor little guy was so tuckered out, he fell asleep on the gurney.
Yes, he has Spiderman pj's and swimsuit on and he's dirty. Very dirty.
You know how they tell you to keep in mind that if you were to get into an accident and they had to strip you down to help you...make sure you are not wearing your grandma panties?
Well, you can't plan what your kid is wearing when you head to the ER either!
Nice doctor got it done and got it done FAST!
Yes, it's a bummer that O is hobbling around, but he's recovering.
He sure knows how to milk it though!

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