Thursday, July 15, 2010

Julie's Birthday...4th of July...and other celebrations:
Another month since our Colorado trip...time sure flies!

20 hours or so in a car was too much for Gabby on the way there so we sent her home with Daddy on the plane. Quality time for Daddy and little girls...

The mountains are something I want my kids to experience and know...maybe when they get older they can spend like weeks with Aunties! :-)
Not the first time at the "top of the world"
(in a little boy's mind...)
Some sights were appreciated by few...
To see these and grander sights, we hiked up the dirt road from "our" house,
seen here on the right...
The hiking and biking were loads of fun!
Owen got more adventurous and braver than I'd ever seen him!
"Hey Gramma Mimi! I'll race ya!"
Too bad Mimi is not very competitive...
On one of our bike rides we passed a neighbor whose house sign said "Owen"!
Owen said, "Hey! That's my name!"
Here is one of the bike rides that Little O took with Auntie Julie!
With all the fun to do outside...inside was fun too!
So we couldn't convince Owen to go for a pony ride, but we got to feed them snacks! :-)

Elodie was rubbing off on Gabby. I turned around to see my little Gabs climbing the railing!
Where were we on this day-trip?...
Rafting! Rog "risked" his life to go on this rafting trip for Julie's birthday.
We all survived and had a good time too! Too bad Auntie Emmy had to stay home...
Here is Todd getting a hip-hop, Glee, and High School Musical education.
Sorry Todd!
Other fun times just relaxing...

Fourth of July we ventured to Breckenridge for a parade!

Good times had by all! Let's do it again! Soon!

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MaryM said...

It was a vacation to remember! And I think Owen will remember much of it. I loved how many new things he tried and how much fun he had!