Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On Monday, Memorial Day, we celebrated Roger's Birthday along with the national holiday. Rog did a good job of faking blowing out his was too windy to keep it lit, but the day was georgeous...just like the whole three-day weekend! I love having a yard to plant flowers, to water, to pick weeds...yeah, wait and see how long I'm loving all that! :-) I'll keep you posted! Well...I will try.
My beautiful little girl is so precious. She is wonderful in every way. She is so smiley, she doesn't cry too much, she hangs out without needing too much than what we give her. She loves her brother and laughs at everything he does...already! and wiggles and stretches and is overall so happy. The past two mornings I have barely heard her wake up. I go down to her room and there she is, hangin' out, suckin' her fingers or fist or arm, her legs propped up and her head propped up on her blanket. And...every once in awhile, she practices her screaming that her cousin Elodie taught her! ;-) Playful screaming, that is.
Owen, on the other hand, is wonderful in every way that is different than Gabby. He is such an entertainer and loves to be the center of attention. He wants what he wants when he wants it and that's usually sooner than we can give it to him. He's learning that you enjoy more than just the food at parties and that washing your hair is a necessity...even if he doesn't want to get his hair wet. He loves to tell us what to do and how to do it and is very creative in the "decorating" of our house. I must admit that Owen gives great hugs too! He may be a challenge, but I'm hoping that will make him a success I write this, he is saying, "I want something, momma"...I think he has said it 22 times now...23, 24...oh wait, now he's on my lap...
Our best diversion is..."do you want a piece of gum?" It works ever time!

A week ago Owen and Gabby's cousin Cali broke her leg jumping off her swingset. Imagine being or having a four-year-old who will be in a cast for much of the summer! I felt so bad, but she is sure being a trooper. Kate is taking it all with a grain of salt as well...

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