Sunday, July 06, 2008

THURSDAY...zoo day with momma!Owen and I had a glorious Thursday morning together! We got to the zoo when the gates were just opening and got rockstar parking. We saw almost everything and even found some pinecones to pick up and throw. :-)
choo choo train! By far, Owen's favorite part was riding the miniature choo choo train. He even had a melt-down and cried, kicked and screamed when it was time to get off. :-)
Here we are taking a ride on the train. :-)
We also fit in a 1/2 hour sea lion show! Owen clapped and cheered, but he did say, "no more sun" because the sun was very bright sitting in the stands. ;-)
We also sat and admired lots of fishies and turtles and took in all the sites. I highly recommend the Milwaukee County Zoo to any and all visitors!

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