Sunday, July 06, 2008

The day began as others with an early morning, but Owen got to meet two more cousins! My cousin Loretta brought her three boys to parade, picnic, and play. Owen had only met Elijah last December, but Isaac and Kenneth were two new faces.
Soon after their arrival we went to see a parade, collect candy, and see "marching bands" (as Owen loves to recall). We headed back to the Larsen house to have a great picnic and swim in the Larsen pool.
All boys had loads of fun...
Yes, Owen's shirt says "I'd rather be naked"...

More evidence of a good time had! Thanks for coming out to see us Loretta, Kenneth, Isaac, and Elijah! We love you!

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Loretta said...

We had lots of fun, and we love you too. See you soon.