Friday, June 27, 2008

The other day we went out to meet my friend Catie for "coffee" and to chat. Owen brought his bag of toys with! Gramma Mimi made him this bag for his Birthday and we love it!Yesterday was an exciting milestone: Owen went peepee on the potty! It all started with Owen hanging out naked after pool time. He was asking for a cookie and I said no...he got mad at me, gave me the look, and started to pee on the floor in front of me. I said, "stop!" and he did. We went to the bathroom and put a stool in front of the potty and I said, "okay, go peepee in the potty!" And he did! So fun! :-) I guess there is something to say about letting your kids run around naked!

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Gramma Mama said...

It is evident that he likes his "evident" bag!