Saturday, June 07, 2008

Little boy and his momma. Owen is learning so much about being a good boy, using nice words, and asking for things politely. However, sometimes he forgets and screams and whines and throws things. Don't we all, in some sort of way though? :-) He listens to reminders and "time out" is working wonders. We had 2-year-old pictures done last week and he was such a "model" kid. He did what he was asked, smiled, and even giggled for us a few times. she blew bubbles and gave him jelly bellies, but whatever it takes, hey? I have three more days left of work and my first full day off is Owen's Birthday! I will have to plan a very special day for my little boy. Last week the lady in the nursery at church was so impressed because Owen knew all of his colors. He just loves to learn and works hard at talking. I see so much of Roger in him, but I can't help but see some of me too. Can you see it too???


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Seeker said...

Oh, yeah. No doubt about it.

Auntie Emmy said...

All the time!!!
Miss you guys...xoxox