Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This past weekend Owen and I left Daddy at home to make the trip to Wisconsin for a short trip. We left Saturday morning-out the door by 6:30 and in Gramma and Grampa's driveway by noon. We made it! We were plenty busy and were loved. We spent time playing basketball, eating, playing, talking, playing more basketball, playing the piano, throwing monkey around and listening to him scream, playing more basketball, etc...you get the routine. :-)

The paparazzi was out in full force as Owen showed off his ball handling skills...

Owen got hugged and kissed and squeezed plenty! No lack of love here!
Auntie Emmy and Big Guy hung around quite a bit so Owen got his fill of them too! Big Guy ran around the yard with Little O...so much fun!
Gramma and Grampa were generous with their hugs and kisses as well. I think Owen is the favorite!...well, how long will that last anyway? I think Julie is going to have a girl so Owen will still be the favorite boy! :-) heehee, that is just my feeling, but Julie is already saying it's a "he", I guess...we'll see!

Owen let me hug him and hold him as well. Okay...I'm still his favorite...totally! No contest!

We left Sunday afternoon in time for nap...he was so tuckered out, he slept for 21/2 hours. Sweet boy...We'd do the trip again...it was time well-spent!

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Seeker said...

(Taking pictures while driving... tsk, tsk. Well, you are a mom and we all know about multi-tasking.)