Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun Times with mommy!... are we having fun??
Owen is starting to talk in sentences, and his first sentence ( I think) was "Shoot the basketball!" From this photo you would not believe he was so brilliant! :-)
Owen't loves to drink with a straw...he pulls the straw up and says, "BIG straw!" He cracks me up everyday!
This morning he was having a little too much fun with his "butter-butter" (peanut butter) and started licking it off his fingers. I think he missed some! Yes, his jammies say "man of steel".

Owen did eat all of his breakfast and drank all his milk this morning, so he was prepared for his "field trip." Carrie took the kids to see Jack and the Beanstalk in Anoka today...
She said Owen was really good, but when he started talking, she just gave him some "dee-berries" (strawberries). Of course that's going to make him quiet and focused! He is Roger's son! :-)

I think we are starting to see a trend here: as soon as Carrie put Owen in the car after the performance, he was asleep. She said he was asleep before she buckled him in. That's how she got the picture of him. She sent this picture to me on my cell phone right when she took it. What a wonderful thing to get in the middle of a busy day. A reminder of the most precious times...

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MaryM said...

Precious, indeed!