Sunday, February 10, 2008

Auntie Julie gave me a great idea. Those of you who have not seen Owen for even a month or two may want to know how "big" he's getting. Julie suggested that we take a picture of him standing next to me. What a good idea!...that is, if you can get him to stand still! :-) I think he's about 31 inches or so "big". I don't know for sure, but he weighs somewhere between 27 and 29 pounds. I think he lost a pound or two from being sick, but he's making up for lost meals lately!

This was another time I tried to take Owen's picture, but he wouldn't stand still. I finally caught him when he climbed up on a chair and turned around. :-) I think this is also a fresh look at his most recent hair cut.


MaryM said...

What a BIG boy he is becoming! And we love the nice "big boy" haircut!

Seeker said...

He's lost the "baby" look, for sure.