Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two more of Owen's words are "mittens" and "wow!". He used to cry when I put the mittens on, so I stopped doing it since we ran from building to car and car to house. With the temp in the negative numbers and the wind chill even colder, I have him wear them. He doesn't mind at all, and if they fall off in the car, he says, "mittens!". The "wow!" came this morning when he repeated me. Then he kept saying it and it turned into "wowie!". He loves to say uh-oh when he drops something or someone else drops something. It turns frustration into something very endearing. He turns a tough day into an "uh-oh" and makes me smile. One thing about working all day and therefore craving more time with my little boy: when he isn't feeling well or is working on a tooth at 11:30 p.m. when I know I need my sleep...I don't mind sitting up with him and rocking him to sleep. He's my little angel!

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South American Sara said...

And those eyes! He's just so lovable!