Sunday, October 21, 2007

This little boy is a wiz at using the phone! He's been able to open it and push the buttons for months, but he has just recently started opening it up, putting it to his ear, and saying "hi." Monkey see, Monkey do! Owen is so busy! He's become somewhat of a clutz: Friday he scraped his cheek on the coffee table after tripping on the toys I was trying to pick up; then today he was excited to see the "ball" (really a pumpkin that Roger got for him) and ran towards it only to trip and fall into the stem. He's not really a crier, though, and toughens up unless it really hurts (like the coffee table fall). He's a boy who sure knows how to have fun and get dirty (thanks gramma for letting him run around in the yard, throw rocks, and work up a dirty sweat!) He's nice and clean in this picture because Owen was invited to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we went to this weekend. He cruised around that place until I was worn out! :-)

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