Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's gotten cold enough for Owen to wear his cutest sweater ever again! See Auntie "Jujie!" It still fits! In the car Owen amuses himself with books and pictures (when I am trying to get him to forget about "cacker"). Every once in awhile I'll here "neighhh" from the back seat. He tends to think all hairy animals with four legs that resemble a horse...happen to be horses. :-)I get a kick out of how he wants to walk himself in places. He knows where to go when you say let's go upstairs, out the door, downstairs, etc...His newest word is "open." I taught him this because he likes to close doors, but he can't get them open. So, he would cry or whine. I told him to say "open" and he did!
Here he is arriving at daycare. He loves Carrie and the kids and the toys so much! He reaches for Carrie and smiles when he sees the kids. It makes me feel as good as a mother can...when she's leaving her baby for the day! :-(
Owen is also totally enthralled with getting big enough to step up into the house rather than crawl. Sometimes he makes it...sometimes...he needs a little help! :-)

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South American Sara said...

He looks darn cute walking through that open door in that adorable green sweater!! AHHH, I just want to squeeze him.