Thursday, June 21, 2007

Owen's birthday came and went and the summer has officially begun! I have loved being done with the school year, but I sure know how to fill the time. After a week of play and party-planning, Owen and I headed to Colorado to see TT Julie. Owen says, "TT" which means Auntie. He started that with Auntie Emmy, but he caught on to calling Julie TT as well. Here we are at the airport in MN waiting to check our bags on the curb. Thanks for the ride, Gramma Mama! Thanks for letting us go, Daddy! Thanks for having us Aunie Julie and Uncle Todd! All I have to say is keeping a baby on schedule is tough enough when you are busy, but try a one-hour time difference! Whew! He was up at 5:30 every morning and don't remind me about when we missed snack time! We did lots in Colorado! We watched TT Julie work her horse, we went to the Hot Springs (there are baby pools!), and we played around the house with the doggy and kitty. We took a ride on a bike with a burly on back...that picture will have to come later.

Owen was so cute with Caleb...that's the big doggy in the picture. I think Caleb is big, but Todd insists on calling him "Tiny Einstein." When Caleb was not jealous, he was protective. Dogs are funny that way. The most memorable moment at the hot springs was when Owen started pinching his own belly. Julie and I died laughing!

The day we went for the bike ride, Owen wanted nothing but to crawl around the bike shop. I let him, but man! He got so dirty! I don't know if you can tell, but these little feet (3 1/2 double-wide) got black with bike-shop grime. Hmmm, bathtime!

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