Sunday, June 03, 2007

Owen was up early this morning so everything today has been happening sooner than usual. He did get a short nap this morning because I left for hour early! I left early because I knew he wouldn't get enough of a nap at home so we drove around: got gas, looked at different neighborhood houses, stopped for coffee, etc. During this time, Owen slept for about 45 minutes. It was just enough to have a fun time playing in the nursery, but then we came home and someone was still a little short on sleep. He ate lunch at 11:30 and was down for the count by 12:15.
Owen's most recent signal of being tired is resting his head...wherever he may be! He stops in the middle of crawling and rests on the floor. Or he stops in the middle of playing and rests his head on my leg, shoulder, or whatever is closest to him at the time.
I may be over-eager, but I think he is trying some words out. Is it too early? He sees a picture of a baby and says, "baby." Yesterday he heard the door open and close downstairs and said, "da-da." It was Roger coming home. I'm not saying he will be spitting out sentences or multisyllabic words, but I really think he's trying! :-)


MaryM said...

I KNOW that I have heard him say "Momma" and somebody else here has heard him say "Gwampa"!!!

Auntie Emmy said...

And don't forget...T T. That's me! heehee. Oh how i miss my little punkin pants. He looks like a little Larsen in this picture. Love it!

South American Sara said...

multisyllabic and most likely a capstone of his own in the will probably happen sooner than we wish! Gosh he's sooo cute!!!