Thursday, July 06, 2006

We have been way too busy to update for the past came and offered more love and help than ever one could ask for. We had a great time playing soccer, tennis, and the new game called "Who's the favorite auntie?" We also had our fair share of eating, drinking and being merry with each other. We picknicked, went to the beach, celebrated a birth and a birthday, and watched fireworks too. When you don't see loved ones often, you have to do it all when a gathering does appear. We may have drama, but no one will ever say we don't love each other or that we don't know how to have a bit of fun!

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Jill Baxter said...

Holy cow we have all grown up!!! I can't believe you are a mom and a wife and I am about to be a wife. You all look the same!! I can't belive it's been like 23 years that I have known all of you! You guys look great and like you are having fun! I will have to meet Owen sometime he is so Cute!!!!