Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Boys and Girls...

I know there are differences between boys and girls.
Let me clarify,

There are needs...

Owen needs interaction, grunts, explosions, movement, 
vocal outlets, jumping, hitting, bouncing, 
yelling, contact...and the list goes on...
as you can hear in the video.
(he and Roger are playing WWE wii game...)
And I love all that about him...
even though I can't always handle it so well...

And then there is sweet Gabby...(who's not always sweet)...
she loves make-believe, individual play, reading,
creating stories, singing...
Yes, she can be loud, but not in the "explosive" way Owen is.
Yes, she can be rambunctious, but usually only when she plays with boys.
Yes, she needs contact, but not in the "wrestle way" 
(even though she can win any match 
with her brother or the boys at daycare).
She prefers to sit on your lap for a good story 
or a hug, or playing "superman"
Yes, she moves and bounces a lot, but she's so graceful!!!
God is so creative!
Thank you God for both of them!

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Jeanne Wright said...

Sure wish I could see them and their little personalities!! I am gonna send hugs anyway!!! Love you guys even though I feel like I hardly know ya! That's why family is sooo great, right? LOL