Thursday, February 03, 2011

Being a Mother
I think about how I want my kids to stay close by me, but my own mother raised me and my sisters to have wings and she let us fly. Perhaps she did that because she was married at 19 and wanted us to have all the experiences in life that she doesn't think she ever got.Maybe that's why she put me in pants like these!

Or perhaps she didn't do either of those deliberately. :-)

Maybe it was just that her strength was so embedded in our hearts and minds that we chose to fly and we knew the world was for our taking.
Or perhaps she was placing faith in God and where he would take us.

Trusting God with our children can be a turning point in how we raise our children: God's in control-not me. I can teach my children God's word, right from wrong, good vs. evil, how to behave, and how to respond to love, hate, and all that's in between, but they will grow up and make many choices along the path of life. Not all those choices will be the best choices or will be the choices I would have them make. But am I able to let go of them so that God can really work in their lives and put them in the position that He has already created for them?

I read about Jochebed, the mother of Moses. She was told her son was to be thrown into the river, so she hid him to protect him. When he got too big to hide, she made a basket for him and technically did as she was told: she put him in the river. She gave him up. She let go of him. Imagine if she'd never given him up? God had a purpose. When the princess found the baby, she paid Jochebed to nurse him. After he was weaned, Jochebed had to let go of be raised by the Pharaoh's daughter. To think of giving a child up...twice...

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