Monday, November 08, 2010

Silly times just hangin' out...
Before I left for my "field trip" last month...
the kids just wanted to play, hang out, and be silly.

One time Owen was wearing one of Daddy's t-shirts...I guess all kids figure out how to do this:
He said, "look mom! I'm a nut!"
I laughed.
Gabby is our little peanut...that's been a nickname because she's so little.
We stopped calling Owen that within a month after being born, but Gabby has retained the title.
So...Halloween came along and it was appropriate...
Gramma and Grampa came for pumpkin carving and Owen couldn't decide which costume to wear when...this is one of the many combinations he came up with...

One I did not get a picture of was a Spiderman costume with a Ray Mysterio (did I spell that right?) mask...goofy kid!
Time to go!

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