Thursday, June 17, 2010

M & M
that's why we were all here!

We arrived, hoping to be in style, but that doesn't matter when you are in for such a treat as a casual reception as this! It was called "casual" but there was nothing casual about the experience! We dined, we toasted, we danced...
what a night! what a view! what a couple!
nope...not this couple...

although Owen hopes he's at least her second best man (or third or fourth considering there's "GrampaPhil" and "Diego" in the running) :-)

The "peeps" were all smiles...

At sunset we all gathered around to hear M & M's story and to hear the vows they said to one another in the Galapagos (Mario, did I spell that right?)

The timing was perfect...Mary Beth always has been quite the romantic! :-)
And yes...that was almost the end of our FIRST FULL DAY in CA!

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MaryM said...

Theirs is a beautiful story and I loved how they chose a Pacific sunset as the background for telling it to us. I could have danced all night... (-: