Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our last Trip...
I cannot believe it has already been a month!!!!!!!!!!!! We traveled to Wisconsin, saw Auntie Lori and there was snow then!!!!!!!!! Crazy how time has flown and how spring has sprung!
Auntie Lori hugged, played, tickled, and got her fix with us that weekend...
it was so good to see her. We are SO lucky that she is so dedicated to family! She even built a snowman with Owen! :-)
So many things just came together that weekend...it was Gramma momma's birthday so Owen drew her a picture on her card...and sang Happy Birthday! :-)
And...the circus was in town! Owen, Roger and Grampa drove to Milwaukee to see the elephants, trapeze artists, motorcycles, tigers, and more!
What a great time!

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