Monday, September 21, 2009

Is Owen too young for a girlfriend? Not if it is his best friend! And believe me, they are monitored very closely! :-)
These two little munchkins spend all day together at daycare. They play pretend and chase and giggle and talk and fight and run so hard. On Friday Owen burst into tears when I picked him up from daycare...wait a sec! Is that how you show your love, Owen? Actually, he was so sad to leave his little friend that the only way I could get him to leave was to say i would call her mom when we got in the car to see if she could come to our house over the weekend. I didn't know this would start so young. Over the weekend then, these two got together, barely ate lunch, made cookies, played with every toy in the yard, the play room off the kitchen and then destroyed his we see in this picture:
I took them for a ride around the block and they yelled and cheered me on as I took them over as many bumps as I could find.

I can't say this was their first "date" because Carrie has "chaperoned" them on a "date" to the movies with daycare. They even sat in the same chair (it takes two to hold down the fold-down seats anyway) and held hands (perhaps because they were sharing snacks...). It's just too sad if they never know each other in of us just may have to move...or open enroll! :-)


MaryM said...

Annie is sure a little cutie! So glad they have such a good time together!

The Canadian said...

Awww, nothing like young love! :)