Thursday, April 02, 2009

We were on our way to see our cousins, and we were oh so close! With one mile to go, Owen said, "my tummy hurts." I asked if he was hungry or if he was sick...he said sick. I said, "are you going to throw up?" he knows what that is! Ugh! We got to the parking lot, I ran around the car, got Owen out...and he threw up all his breakfast. Is he sick? Was it carsickness?
We got cleaned up and changed clothes (another reason to ALWAYS have extra clothes packed).
I couldn't let him go play, even though he wanted to, and I couldn't give him a snack, even though he asked for one.
We got back in the car and he still looked pale...fell asleep.
We got home, I put on Thomas the Train video and set Owen up on the couch. I put a plastic-lined paper bag next to him...He didn't stay there long. He sat up and said he wanted to go outside and play with daddy...I guess he's all better???? Hopefully???? Time will tell! :-)

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jewels said...

he really looks handsome...he is not quite so "thick" anymore, huh? guess he is coming in to himself! I am glad that he is feeling better, even if just a little bit!