Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yesterday was a big day for Owen...he got to have "breakfast with Santa" at a church down the road. Granny Nanny and Papa Steve picked him up at 7:45 and he came home around 11...smelling like syrup! I just know he had a blast! Last night we went to the Holidazzle parade. It was warm (for December) and we got to see lots of lights, floats, and fun characters in the parade downtown Minneapolis. Owen's favorite part was the choo choo train float.Everything has been going great with the pregnancy. Baby Girl is movin' and shakin' and growing and developing wonderfully. My doctor thought i was measuring small so she asked if I wanted an ultrasound to do some measuring. Why would I not want to see my little girl if given the chance??? :-) She is small but not TOO small. There are no worries according to that ultrasound and she seems to have a strong heart too...her heart rate is ranging from 140-179. I think that is the entire range for healthy hearts!

Here she is smacking her lips or sticking out her tongue ( I can't tell). She looks to have Owen's round cheeks and cute little nose. We will see her in person in a few short weeks here (or less)! We are truly excited!


South American Sara said...

Many blessings as you wait the arrival of your little girl.

jewels said...

Elodie cant wait to have her cousin-twin show up!!!

Gramma Mama said...

She is so cute!
Can't wait to meet her.