Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grampa Phil was here to visit! We had so much fun and Owen wanted to tell him everything! One thing about Grampa Phil...he may not admit looking for things to help with, but if you don't ask him to help, he'll look for something to fix! While he was here, Grampa Phil found where our water shut-offs were, re-programmed our water softener, and painted the new dresser for our baby girl's room...
doesn't it look great??? In the time he was here, he also fixed a bunch of stuff at the duplex, "cleaned" gramma mimi's garage, and "looked" at her lawn mower. He also squeezed in a Badger game on TV and a few good meals followed by a great night's sleep.
Thank you Grampa for all you do! We love you and Owen has so much to tell you...see you in two weeks!

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jewels said...

I hope that we get the grandparents even 1/2 as much as you guys do!!! In the words of Napoleon Dynamite..."Lucky!"