Thursday, December 20, 2007

Owen has been trying for about two weeks now to get up on that stool. I use it to reach our cabinets and now he has figured out how to see on top of the counter...and to help mom "organize" the silverware drawer! He has a thing for forks...don't ask me why, but if he sees you using one, he wants to give it a try...either to feed himself or to feed you! If you look behind Owen in this picture, you'll see a white dish towel. It is covering up the bananas because if he sees a banana, he starts crying and saying "ba!" He loves bananas! The last time I tood him grocery shopping he was happy until he saw the "ba's" (bananas) in the cart...then he cried and wanted one. I know y'all are just dyin' to find out what I did in that situation! :-) ...Okay...I broke down and gave him...a cracker instead! I learned earlier how messy bananas can get!

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