Saturday, May 19, 2007

SPECIAL TIMES WITH FRIENDS... We call him "Big Guy" for a reason! Owen loves being held up so high, but John is willing to come down to Owen's level too.
If you take a look back in the archives in July, you'd see Owen and Cullen "playing" last summer. Cullen is just 9 days younger and these two are very close is all they like to do!
When we went to visit Cullen on Wednesday, Parker came over with his mom too! Parker is 18 months and is showing Owen how big boys climb the stairs.
On Thursday we went to visit Coach and the kids. These three had so much fun talking and playing with little O. I can't believe Jeremiah is 9! I remember when he was born!
Here Owen is the center of attention...just where he loves to be! The kids thought it hilarious when Owen drooled on the floor. I can't wait to play more over the summer. We'll have to take special trips to see them more often!

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