Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here he is! Climbing and reaching...having a ball! He doesn't care what is in his way; he wants what he wants.
Some adorable moments: he finally reached for his blankie last week for the first time. He wraps his fingers through the holes and buries his face in the softness. He giggles and smiles like he is utterly satisfied! He fell asleep hugging it tonight. Also, grampa phil wanted to give him a big bunny for Easter, but gramma mama made him get Owen a small one. It is perfect. Owen smiles when I ask him if he wants "Bunky." He grabs the little bunny and "kisses" it. What a little snuggle bug!

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Amyl Nitrate said...

This is adorable...I just stumbled on your blog by chance but if I ever have children I definitely want to do something like this!